Modern Foreign Languages at Westfield School

At Westfield School we offer an opportunity to our pupils to study Spanish, one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, using the Language Angels scheme to teach a carefully sequenced, progressive and knowledge-rich foreign language curriculum from Year 2 to Year 6.

Curriculum Intent for Modern Foreign Languages:
We aim to develop the confidence and competence of each child in a foreign language, enabling them to be able to communicate both in spoken and written language. Our goal is for the children to be passionate, curious and confident about their own language learning abilities when they finish primary school and to prepare them for the next phase of their learning journey. 
We intend to provide a curriculum for our pupils, which is rich in skills and knowledge, encourages curiosity and promotes diversity and tolerance of other cultures. We will help our pupils to develop and demonstrate substantial progress in the 5 key language skills necessary for learning a foreign language: speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. 
We aim to ensure that pupils of all abilities develop solid foundations in these key language learning skills and that they are able to apply their language knowledge in real life situations. Our intention is that through learning a second language we can deepen our pupil’s understanding of other cultures and the world around them.
“It has never been more important for young people to learn a foreign language than now. An outward looking global nation needs a new generation of young people comfortable with the language and culture of our overseas trading partners.” Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, Minister for School Standards