The role of the school governors is to support the school and to make sure that our children have the best education possible.

What we do…

A governing body’s prime function is to ensure that the school improves the education it provides for its pupils.

Governors are required to:

  • take a strategic role in the management of the school
  • act as a critical friend to the headteacher and the school
  • ensure accountability

To achieve this governors have to:

  • receive information about, and be involved in, the analysis of the school’s performance
  • compare results with past performance, national averages and similar schools
  • establish what the school’s strengths and weaknesses are
  • decide the main priorities for improvement
  • set targets and timescales

The governing body have adopted and work to the Westfield Governing Body Code of Conduct.

The governors can be contacted via email:

Structure of the Governing Body

The Full Governing Body currently consists of 7 co-opted Governors, 2 parent Governors, a local authority governor, a staff governor and the Head Teacher.

We have 2 Co-Chairs, Emily Sims and Janice Constable whose main responsibilities in the school are Finance and the School Development Plan (SDP).  Keith May leads on Safeguarding and other Governors support Finance, SEND and the SDP.

We also have a Finance Committee.

Who we are

Emily Sims – Co-Chair of Governors

I am a Co-Opted governor and was voted onto the board to begin serving at the beginning of September 2015, and am on the board for premise and finance. Although Co-Opted I am also a parent with my daughter and my son at the school. My background is in finance, although my degree is in psychology, and I’ve previously worked as a Bank Manager for Lloyds Bank reducing my work commitments when I had children. I now work as a senior banking adviser part-time.  I wanted to become more involved in the school as I was thrilled my daughter had a place at Westfield and wanted to take the opportunity to be more involved in her schooling and some of the decisions that may effect her future there.

Keith May – Co-opted

I became a Governor at Westfield School in November 2017 and have a term of office of 4 years.  I am a retired dressage breeder, trainer and rider.  I was a governor at a Grammar School in North Kent for 30 years before retiring.  This included 2 terms as Chair, Chair of various committees as well as responsibility for Safeguarding, SEND & Pupil Premium.  I have also joined Robertsbridge Community College as a Governor and I am a National Leader of Governance which involves giving advice to Chairs and Governing Bodies of Schools and Colleges.

Tony Hill – Co-Opted

I became a Governor at Westfield School in July 2017.  My career experience is long and varied. I started teaching in a London comprehensive (Science up to ‘A’ level chemistry and physics) before moving into the realm of special education where I worked with children with severe behavioural problems in London, Bradford and eventually Hastings. After 22 years I diverted into working with children with additional needs. I was Head of the Education Support Service (East Sussex) supporting children with specific learning difficulties before becoming Head of the Traveller and English as an Additional Language Service across the county. My past interests, outside my work and my family, included long distance running, playing chess, developing skills in photography and designing software. Having worked in education for over 40 years I am now retired (no more marathons!). I currently have 2 grandchildren attending Westfield School. In retirement, my main interests now revolve around my family and enjoying long walks with my young dog.

Janice Constable – Co-Chair – Local Authority Governor

I joined the governing body at Westfield school in November 2018.

For most of my teaching career I have been involved in working with pupils with special educational needs and those vulnerable to under achievement. I have taught in both mainstream and a special school, in primary and secondary and I am passionate about supporting pupils with SEND.

I was Assistant Head at a large urban school with responsibility for Inclusion which included managing the Pupil Premium budget and those with English as an additional Language. I have been a safeguarding lead and was designated teacher for looked after children. I am currently the link governor for Pupil Premium and SEN.

I am now semi-retired and a free-lance consultant in SEND and training.

Anastassia Zoubtsova – Parent

I am a Parent Governor and joined the board at the end of 2021. My son joined the school in 2020 when we moved to Westfield. I worked for 20 years in a multicultural corporation on different financial positions and had an opportunity to work in different countries before we have settled in the UK. Now I am exploring a new area of expertise and developing my business in the sphere of consulting in correlations between cause and effect and studying to qualify as a meditation teacher. 

I believe that education is one of the most important things in the development of the society. I want to get involved more in my son’s schooling and was happy to take the opportunity to become a governor and to learn more about the school and support the school, the children. 

Krystyna Wood – Co-Opted

I became at governor at the school in 2022 and I have grandchildren who attend school in Westfield. 

My career was in teaching to early years and primary in both mainstream and special schools. I was also an outreach teacher at a special school which involved working with mainstream colleagues to develop programmes for children with additional needs in mainstream settings and I later became an advisory teacher through the East Sussex Teaching, Learning and Autism Support Service [CLASS]. I finished full-time teaching in 2017 and I now work part-time as a supply teacher and as a supply teaching assistant in local mainstream schools. In addition to this I work alongside my husband who runs an antiques and collectables business locally and I assist mostly with purchasing and administration.

I wanted a governor role because I am keen to support those who are providing for my grandchildren and their peers.

Gary Lockwood – Co-Opted

I became a Governor at Westfield School in March 2022. 

From leaving school I’ve found myself in a variety of different roles ranging from the Banking world, Mobile Industry, Insurance, Daily Mail Group & finally for the last 15 years at Apple Inc.  

Being part of the team at Westfield & driving change that benefits our children’s educational develop is an area of great interest to me.  Coupled with this, with my daughter also at Westfield, it allows me to be more involved with her development. 

Abi Adams – Staff Governor

Matt Jarvis – Staff Governor

Julie Gould – Clerk to the Governors 

Attendance at governor meetings

Terms of Office and Business interests