Our Curriculum Vision

At Westfield School, the curriculum is underpinned by our school motto, ‘Inspire, Create, Achieve’

Inspire – Westfield pupils are inspired to be inclusive, proactive members of their local and global communities; compassionate and inspirational friends, family members and classmates; and critically engaged thinkers, developing a curiosity for the world around them. We want to inspire our pupils to come away from primary school with an unquenchable thirst for gaining new knowledge and skills that will last their entire lives.

Create – Westfield pupils strive to create in all areas of school life. We create memorable and meaningful learning experiences – bolstered by unique trips, hands-on learning, specialist visitors and making links with local learning institutions, such as the Bright Foundation – enriching our pupils’ lives with a cultural capital that enables them to explore and interact with the world outside their locale. Our children are taught to adopt a growth mindset, allowing them to be creative and resilient learners, who can produce ambitious and exciting pieces of work, and form important, positive bonds with their peers and teachers.

Achieve – Staff and pupils recognise that success looks different for everybody. At Westfield School, we believe every child, no matter what their barriers to learning, or who they are, deserves the opportunity to achieve their full potential and be happy, well-rounded individuals. In order to do this, our curriculum is ambitious, provides exciting challenges and treats the children’s learning as achievable in the real world. We impress on them what it means to be a practitioner of any particular subject, with the belief that we can grow the next generation of artists, scientists, writers, theologians, whoever our children may want to be!

It is the job of every adult in the school to facilitate this learning journey in a safe, nurturing, fun and engaging way. We believe in providing our staff with in-house and external training opportunities to develop their own specialist knowledge and skills, reinforcing this with high-quality, well-sequenced learning resources:

  • Cornerstones Curriculum Tool for Science, History and Geography.
  • White Rose Maths scheme.
  • Language Angels scheme for Spanish.
  • The NCCE Teach Computing scheme, as well as Project Evolve and Internet Legend for online safety.
  • Jigsaw PSHE scheme.
  • Real PE scheme.
  • Discovery RE scheme.

We see our wider curriculum subjects as great opportunities for our pupils to further build on a strong foundation of Reading, English and Maths skills, and we aim to make cross-curricular links between subjects when they are appropriate and meaningful.

As well as upskilling staff, we strongly believe in parental engagement being a huge factor to our pupils’ success at school. Even though Westfield is a small village community, our families and staff represent a wonderful multitude of larger communities: different cultures, genders, ethnicities, abilities, sexualities, nationalities and faiths. We are therefore committed to, and proud of, our inclusive school curriculum that embeds compassion, kindness, tolerance and respect towards each other.