Curriculum Intention

At Westfield School, our curriculum is driven by our belief that this stage of education should prepare children for their life long journey of learning, while equipping them with the tools they need to be successful in life. We want our curriculum and learning experiences at Westfield to create well-rounded, self-motivated individuals who are healthy, confident, happy and achieve the best they can. We firmly believe that learning does not just happen in school and so we aim to create strong bonds between home and school as well as the local and wider community.

Throughout their time at Westfield School, children will build upon essential knowledge and skills to ensure that learning is both meaningful and memorable. To inspire children, we provide a creative, hands on, inclusive curriculum which meets the needs of all of our pupils. We value the contributions of every child here at Westfield and we have planned our curriculum to ensure that children are challenged and given the opportunity to explore new thinking. We are passionate that every child should be able to achieve their best and enjoy learning through a broad and balanced curriculum. We make links across subjects while still building on strong foundations in Maths and English.

Our curriculum encompasses the National Curriculum as well as going beyond this to ensure that it is relevant to our children. We want our children to be active citizens who make a positive contribution and so our curriculum takes into account both world-wide and local issues. Westfield is a small community and so we nurture our children to embed tolerance and respect. We teach our pupils to be compassionate and empathetic towards other communities, cultures, nationalities and faiths.

Our curriculum is based on three core principles:

  • Inspire – Children are inspired to develop curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.
  • Create – Children are encouraged to be creative, critical thinkers who find innovative solutions.
  • Achieve – High quality learning opportunities support every single child to achieve their fullest potential.