1 Ancient Egyptians

As our ‘Wow’, Year 6 had ‘Build an Egyptian Pyramid Day’. We learned how to use dolorite to smooth the granite and make papyrus. Did you know one block in a pyramid weighs the same as one Burmese elephant? We enjoyed mummifying bodies and putting their organs into Canopic Jars. It was much harder wrapping them up in bandages than we thought! Afterwards we wrote a diary, imagining we were a volunteer building King Khufu’s pyramid.

pic 16 (Small)  pic 8 (Small)  pic 7 (Small)  pic 17 (Small)

Also, we learned an Egyptian dance routine and wrote our own Egyptian song with the help of Mr Greig. We performed both the song and our dance to our parents at the Egyptian Feast. We made our own neck collars, headbands and armlets to wear for our performance. Also, we made our own cartouches (hieroglyphic name plates) to show where we sat at the feast.

pic 1 (Small)  pic 3A (Small)  pic 9 (Small)  pic 1A (Small)

We focused on the River Nile, and how important is was to the Ancient Egyptians. Farming was vital to their survival, and luckily the Nile left rich, black soil for crops to grow. We tried some foods from Ancient Egyptian times. We particularly enjoyed the fresh fruits and honey!

pic 11 (Small)  pic 15 (Small)  pic12 (Small)  pic 2 A (Small)

We studied Rick Riordan’s ‘The Red Pyramid’ to help us write our own adventure stories, and wrote a newspaper report about Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhuman’s tomb.