1 Wicked World War

In the autumn term we study World War 2.


Within the two terms we will be investigating the build up and exploring aspects of life during the war; including evacuees leaving London, soldiers on the front line and those across enemy lines.

Children will be able to experience an air-raid and see a selection of artefacts during our trip to Newhaven Fort. A landmark with a rich history and incredible views that will be used to inspire incredible writing and art work.

We will using ‘Friend or Foe’ written by Michael Morpurgo and ‘My Story Blitz’ written Vince Cross. Both books will be used for reading comprehension and be used as a writing stimulus for children in English lessons. We will also be writing an emotional account of our air-raid experience, a newspaper account detailing the events that led up to war and also a play script about life as an evacuee.

Update: Thank you to all the parents and guardians that have allowed us to look at some real artefacts from WW2. Also look at our brilliant homework. Well done Year 5!


Update: We have been busy creating some pictures using watercolours and collage.

They look so effective!

Update – We have enjoyed writing WW2 inspired poetry this week. I am so proud of all the fantastic work they created. I cannot wait to see it on display in the village!


UPDATE – Year 5 really enjoyed sowing Poppys for the centenary of WW1. We think that’s it’s really important to remember those who fought so bravely for our country. Can you spot our creations in the village?


Some useful websites are: BBC – Primary History – World War 2 Evacuation During World War Two