Space Explorers


We will be reading Phoenix by SF Said, a brilliant novel that will be using as an inspiration when writing our own adventure stories. Later in the term, we will be writing balanced arguments – asking whether we should be investing so much money in space travel.


We will be continuing to work on place value, addition & subtraction and multiplication & division this term. The children will also be learning about fractions; applying their knowledge to word problems and investigations


Space will be our focus this term, we will be learning about the planets and our solar system. While also learning about our own planet – and why it makes a perfect place for life to survive.


We will be discussing the work of Peter Thorpe, then using his work to inspire our own pieces. Later on in the term – we will be making clay aliens, using a variety of techniques.


We will be investigating a selection of religions and discussing their view on space travel and alien life.


We will be exploring sound and rhythm in dance. We will be choreographing our own dance and look forward to showing you the finished product at the end of the term