3 What’s In My Backyard?

During Terms 5 and 6 our topic is all about local habitats: plants, animals and why they live there. We will be studying the school grounds as a habitat and we will visit Great Dixter where we will investigate the woodlands, meadows and pond.

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We are lucky with the variety of different habitats we have in the school grounds. We have enjoyed investigating the habitats together in pairs and small groups to share our ideas. We became experts by using the bug hunting guides to try to identify the mini-beasts we found.

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We teamed up with the Natural History Museum to help take part in their environmental study. The Bug Count survey wanted us to record weather conditions, a description of the survey area and the type and number of bugs we found.

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Great Dixter


At Great Dixter we took part in lots of really fun activities. We had a fantastic time there. We loved swoop netting in the meadows and pond dipping. We found some amazing creatures including a violet ground beetle and lots of moths, including a peppers moth and an elephant moth.

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We will use the local environment as inspiration for our art. We will look closely at a variety of leaves and plants found on our field.

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We will then use a variety of art mediums including pencils, water colour paints and oil pastels. When using these we will learn techniques such as mixing and blending colours.

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