2 Ki Kati

During Terms 3 and 4 we will be learning about Uganda. We will be using atlases to find out about the country and other countries in Africa. We will have a visit from Rev. Dave who will tell us about the Ugandan Kings Kid School that we will link up with. We hope that some of the children will become penpals when we write letters in Literacy.

Picture1In Science we will be investigating how to clean dirty water.

      DSC01134 (Custom)    DSC01135 (Custom)

Children work in groups to share their ideas on how to set up an experiment to clean the water. They then work together, in competition, to see which group manages to get their water the cleanest!

Picture7   Picture8

 In Art we will explore African patterns and print making. We will look at the use of colour for effect. We will use these patterns as inspiration for our own African press print.

The children use a polystyrene tile to press their pattern into the material. We repeat the process, removing more of the pattern the second time, to print with a different colour.

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