Year 4

We get up to all sorts…

Simon Whincop and Carrie Spice welcome you to Year 4.

Mr Whincop is the class teacher in Year 4 and Mrs Spice is our TA.  On Friday afternoons, Mrs Chamberlain teaches them Spanish and P.S.H.E. We have P.E on Thursday afternoons and Run a Mile on Monday afternoons so please ensure your child has a labelled P.E. kit in school!
Homework will be given out on a Friday and is due in the following Thursday.
Pupils will receive the following homework:
* A maths activity, usually on Mathletics, related to learning done that week
* A spelling/word study activity, also linked to work done in class
* A topic activity linked to work done in geography, history or science
* A test or activity may be set on
* Times tables should also be practiced regularly
Children will sometimes be set holiday homework linked to our topic/ science learning.
Please encourage your child to read every day, either independently or with an adult. Fluent readers may prefer to read alone, although they should be encouraged to read out loud sometimes as it is a good way for parents or carers to be involved in their child’s reading. In Year 4, children can start to become responsible for recording the book and pages they have read at home in their planner, although it is important that an adult oversees this and signs the record.
We encourage reading for different purposes to expose children to wider vocabulary and to promote reading for pleasure. Your child could read be from a class or school library book, an audiobook, newspaper, magazine, comic, recipe, instruction manual, poem, play scripts, etc. — the most important thing is that they enjoy it!
Don’t forget, Wednesdays is Buster’s Book Club night, when reading data capture takes place. Children need to record on their autumn bookmarks how many minutes they’ve spent reading that evening and an adult needs to sign it off for it to be counted.
Many thanks,
Simon Whincop, Year 4 teacher.


We have been learning about E-safety.

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