• Are you a creative person?
  • Do you like solving problems?
  • Are puzzles your idea of fun?
  • Are you interested in how things work?
  • Do you enjoy making things?
  • Do you ask lots of questions?

Did I hear you answer ‘YES!’ to any of those questions? Then this is the topic for you!

This is our science-based topic and so we visit Herstmonceux Science Centre where the children get to explore all the hands-on exhibits and get a tour of the large telescopes that are housed on the site.

We are then all fired-up to learn about ingenious inventions and their creators. This makes us think about gaps in the market and we design our own devices before pitching our ideas to our classmates. We make Dragons’ Den look tame! We then turn our creations (and ourselves!) into non-chronological reports. If anyone’s interested in investing in a Homework Helper or a Goldfisher Feeder, you know where to come!

As part of the science curriculum the children learn so many facts about teeth that they’re practically dentists!

In fact, we’re so knowledgeable that we are asked for advice by a tooth fairy. She’s not very good at her job and so we have to set her right on a few things. We then go on to investigate packaging and learn about the design process. The end result of this is that we make our own toothpaste boxes.

DSC05581 (Custom)  DSC05570 (Custom)  DSC05577 (Custom)  DSC05571 (Custom)

Towards the end of this learning journey we start to read the classic story ‘The Iron Man’. We learn the difference between writing in the 3rd and the 1st person and rewrite parts of the story as if we were the Iron Man. Although we do say it ourselves, this writing is always marvellous…We finish being eggheads by learning about sculpture. After learning different techniques for creating 3-dimensional forms, we create a carved artwork that is inspired by the Iron Man’s dreadful fall.

soap 2  soap sculptures 052 (Custom)  soap 1  soap sculptures 014 (Custom)

These websites are good fun and link nicely into our topic!

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