Year 3 – Juniper

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Welcome to Year Three!

The Year 3 teacher is Miss McNeilly. Mrs Spice is the Teaching Assistant. We aim to provide the children with a smooth (but exciting!) transition from KS1 into KS2. We believe in working and playing hard and like to do lots of practical activities so that the children are really engaged in their learning.

This year, the children will have PE on a Monday from 20th September to 29th November, from December PE will be on Tuesday afternoons.  Some of these lessons will be outside so please can you make sure that your child has trainers or plimsolls in school. On Wednesday afternoons Mrs Spice will teach the children.

Homework is set every Friday; it will be related to the learning we have been doing in class, this will be a variety of Maths, English or topic focused tasks. We encourage children to read regularly at home and practise their 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x tables. Having a secure grasp of the times tables makes a big difference to children’s mathematical success. There are lots of ways to practise them: saying them, writing them down, singing along to a CD in the car! Online games are good too, so please encourage your child to use the links at the bottom of this page.

Please don’t forget to let us know if anyone other than you is picking up your child.

Finally, if you have any problems, concerns or just want to know how your child is getting on, please come and speak to us.

Online Resources



Stone Age to Iron Age

A history based topic looking at the houses, food, tools, clothes, weapons and other inventions and how they changed over time. 

Extreme Earth

A geography topic focusing on volcanoes and earthquakes, why they happen and the impact they can have. We also delve into dragons and information writing. 


A science/D.T  topic all about food, nutrition and our skeletons! 

Ancient Greeks

Another history based topic, we learn about greek myths and legends and even create our own!

The Romans

We discover the history of the Romans invading Britain and its impact today.

Into the Forest

In this English topic we look at fairy tales and traditional stories to create our own exciting stories, we also make links to our science plant topic.