1 Blue planet

Blue Planet

What a beautiful planet we live on! This first topic is all about our blue planet. We have some classic stories and interesting non-fiction to inspire our learning. This topic has a Science, Geography and Art focus.


We will be learning about the continents of the world. There are some great songs on YouTube to help you learn the names of the continents. If you have an atlas or globe at home you could have a go at drawing and labelling a map of the world. Or maybe look on Google Earth and do some virtual journeys from continent to continent. What facts can you find out about the people, languages, animals and cultures? When you have conquered the land try exploring the seas and oceans.


We will be finding out about living things and what makes something a living thing or not. If you have any pets or dream about owning one why not do some research about them. Or maybe you are more interested in wild animals and could become an expert on your favourite species. Where do they live? Why? What do they eat? What special characteristics do they have?


We will be looking at visual texture and how we can use line, pattern and value to show texture. You could go on a texture hunt at home or when you are out and about. What different textures can you find? What words would you use to describe them?

History and Inspiring People

We will be learning about a young girl called Grace Darling and her act of bravery in our seas and a pioneering astronaut called Neil Armstrong who left this planet to visit another. You could have a go at making a timeline for events you remember or find out what inventions or discoveries have been made in your lifetime. What about in your parents or grandparent’s lifetime? How have people’s lives changed?