Year 2 – Beech

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Welcome to Year 2. We have a busy and an exciting year ahead of us, let’s get started!

During the week we have lessons in English, Reading, SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar), Maths, Handwriting, Science, Computing, and depending on our topic – Geography, History, Art and Design Technology. On Tuesdays we have PE. Please ensure your child wears their PE kit including plimsolls or trainers that fit (gosh those feet grow fast!). On Friday afternoon, Mrs Chamberlain takes the class for Spanish and Music. We also do ‘Run a Mile’ on a Thursday. Our lovely TA, Mrs Halfa-Cree, is with us all week.

In Term 1 and 2 our topic is called ‘Blue Planet’. Term 3 and 4 is called ‘Story Tellers’ and our final topic in Terms 5 and 6 is called ‘Green World’.

Supporting Learning at Home

I know everyone has busy work days and hectic afterschool engagements but any support and encouragement you can provide for your child will benefit their learning. Keep it positive. At this age regular, frequent, small blocks of time may be the best approach.

Reading and phonics – 15 minutes 5 times a week

Continuing to share books with you is very important. Hearing you read and talking about stories encourages your child’s interest in books and developing reading skills. The children have phonics books and ‘corridor books’ to supplement your reading at home. They can change them on Mondays and Thursdays. We aim to develop fluency so your child’s first read of a new book is focussed on decoding the text (sounding it out and recognising words) it is important to have a second read of the same text to build accuracy and speed (thinking about recognising whole words and how we use our voices). When your child has read to you please ask them some questions about what they have read. Most of our reading scheme books have ideas for questioning. Keep practising the phonics sounds which are shown at the front of the reading planner. Please record reading activities in your child’s reading planner. DoJo points and raffle tickets are awarded to those children who have evidence in their reading planner that they have five times during the week.

Maths – 10 minutes quizzing 3 times a week

Having a quick recall of basic maths facts helps your child use their number sense to be more accurate and confident in applying their maths skills. We aim to know the addition and subtraction facts for all the numbers to 10 then 20. We will also be tackling the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The sheet for strategies to help your child learn these is on the website. Your child also has access to the Mathletics website. Their username and password is on the back of the reading planner.

Spelling – 10 minutes playing with words twice a week

We will be continuing to work on those ‘Tricky Words’ that cannot be decoded with phonics. These are best learnt using letter names and are listed at the front of the reading planner. We also have some spelling patterns to learn. During each term your child will bring home so additional spelling activities – ‘look, say, cover, check’ sheets and ‘word sorts’. Your child also has access to website. Their username and password is on the back of the reading planner.

Golden Rules, Smiles and Rewards

Of course, Year 2 is a time for lots of growing and changes including regular visits from the tooth fairy! Our class is now the oldest in KS1 so we are role models for the younger children. These are our ‘Golden Rules’:

We are gentle

We are kind and helpful

We listen

We are honest

We work hard

We look after property

The class can earn marbles for a ‘marble jar treat’ by following the golden rules. Individual children are rewarded with DoJo points, awards and behaviour medals.

Take some time to explore our class pages on the website. These provide some information about our topics and will be updated as our ideas develop.

Clare Haynes

Year 2 Class Teacher 

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