4 Westfield Wellies


Get your wellies ready! This term we will be looking at life in Westfield today, the environment and life in the past.

There will be lots of opportunities to get involved in gardening, growing different plants including vegetables and flowers.  We will be watching them grow and making observations about how they grow, the ideal growing conditions and thinking about why we need plants.

We will be using the village to investigating changes that have occurred over the years.  This will include going on a walk around the village, including visiting the church, to carry out observational drawings and survey the village.  We will also be thinking about how the village could be improved.

We will have lots of artefacts in class to examine and compare modern and old.  There will be a visit to Michelham Priory near Hailsham which will be a fun opportunity to explore old household artefacts and bring to life the history of homes in the past.

earthday-kidsLots to look forward to this term!