Year 1 – Willow

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Welcome to Year 1!

The Year 1 teacher is Miss Hamilton. Mrs Kenna is the Teaching Assistant and Mrs Gorridge is the INA.

Please remember to let us know if anyone different is picking up your child from school.

Helping your child learn at home

We can really notice the difference in progress when children continue their learning at home.

Little and often is best. For example, 10 minutes of Mathletics and 10 minutes of reading. Please do this on as many days as you can. Children who practise 5 days of 7 will be well on their way to being the most fluent readers and mathematicians in the class!

Starting in Term 2, we will send out homework each Friday. This includes Year 1 statutory spellings to practise and some maths challenges based on our learning that week.

For additional phonics and reading practise it is great to look at words in isolation through using flashcards or playing online games on Phonics Play. If you need any help, please come and see me.

Miss Hamilton

Online resources



Children learn all about the human body.

Ice Adventure

Children learn about different weather and climates and about different kind of animals.

Toy Time Travellers

Children learn about different types of materials and link this to learning about toys played with in the past and toys played with now.

Into the Woods

Children develop their use of colour in their artwork and use this to depict a variety of landscapes.

Green Fingers

Children will learn about different types of plants and how they grow. This will link to learning about food hygiene and preparation.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Children will learn about different types of travel over history and about the first person to travel to the moon.