3 Once Upon a Time

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Welcome back! I hope you all had a good holiday.

Our new topic ‘Once Upon a Time’, that we will begin in week 2, is all about fairy stories and nursery rhymes. Can you guess which story we are starting with? Okay, I’ll give you a little clue – next Tuesday is our ‘bring your bear to school day’. We are going to have a teddy bears’ picnic in the classroom!

This term we are encouraging you all to take part in our ‘Rhyme Challenge’. We have ten to learn. Do you think we can do it? We will send home a copy of the rhymes we are learning as we go and I’ll also post them on this page. Hope you enjoy singing them in the car, bath, at bedtime, on the way to school…

Our celebration at the end of term is going to be a fairy story & nursery rhyme dressing-up day. We will also be giving out certificates for the rhyme challenge on this day.


The Booktrust has lots of great resources and ideas for parents about children’s books and reading. Click on the picture above to visit the website.

Click on the pictures below to hear a story or play a game

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Or play a phonics or shape game

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