2 Kaleidoscope

Our new theme for this term is ‘Kaleidoscope‘, which is all about colours. We will be thinking about colour in the world around us, the colours we like, how colours make us feel and how we can make colours.

During this topic we will be learning about the story of Guy Fawkes and why we have fireworks at this time of year, autumnal changes and poems about autumn leaves, Noah’s ark and rainbows, a story about Winnie the Witch and her colour spells, a story about a wizard and a colour changing princess and the Christmas story and celebrations.

On the first day back we may get a little messy with some paints!

Click on the pictures to play the activities and develop your mouse skills:

picture6 link1                               picture6 link2

Play with an online Kaleidoscope       Have a go at ‘virtual’ colour mixing

picture6 link3                                  picture6 link4

Create a firework display                         Count down to Christmas