6 Off We Go

Welcome back!

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Our new topic this term is called ‘Off We Go!’ We will be thinking about all kinds of journeys and preparing for our ‘journey’ to Year 1. During this term we will be thinking about different types of transport and along the way we will be learning about different cultures and countries (and some far-off places).

Can you help with this? Would you like to come and talk to the children about your experience of other countries? If you are able to speak a language other than English, maybe you could come and teach us some words or read us a story in a different language.

We also want to know about the different places the children have been to visit (it doesn’t have to have been abroad). Maybe they could bring in some photographs or a holiday scrapbook to share their experiences.

Golden Time is part of our whole school behaviour policy and is used as a reward for good behaviour from Year 1 onwards. This term, as part of our transition to Year 1, we introduce the idea of ‘Golden Time’ on Friday afternoons although we do not ‘take away’ Golden Time in Reception. During Golden Time children can bring in toys from home to play with. I would strongly suggest that you only allow your child to bring in things that they are willing to share with others, no electronic toys and of course toys that are not too valuable as inevitably things do get lost or broken at school. Only ONE toy per child please. When you are talking to your child about Golden Time please can you explain that they need to keep their toy by their coat peg or in their tray until after play on Friday.

These are some of the things we will be learning about this term:

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Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car

picture 3

Mr Gumpy’s Outing

picture 4

Healthy Schools’ Week

Handa’s Surprise

picture 5

Handa’s Hens

picture 6

We’re Going on a Lion Hunt

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Tanabat Festival

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Whatever Next

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The Way Back Home

Places on the Internet where you can find out about Barnaby Bear and his travels:

Barnaby Bear’s official website

BBC pages on Barnaby

Search here for ‘Barnaby Bear’ to view video clips of the ‘real’ bear on his travels!