Our RE curriculum at Westfield gives children the tools and opportunities to discover, explore and deepen the 6 strands of enquiry as laid out in the East Sussex agreed syllabus;

  • Belief, teaching and sources

  • Practices and ways of life

  • Forms of expression

  • Identify and belonging

  • Meaning, purpose and truth

  • Values and commitments

Our ultimate RE intent is to ensure that we provide opportunities for our children to learn, experience and explore religions and world views within and outside of our immediate village community to develop as responsible global citizens with a consideration of fundamental British values. We do this by equipping the children with knowledge, understanding, respect and curiosity of a range of religions and world views through meaningful, thought-provoking explorative enquiry. Children ask and reflect on ‘ultimate questions’ whilst learning about religious and world views. By developing their awareness and skills on reflection, children will grow spiritually and develop a sense of connectedness through shared school, local, national and global values, experiences and issues.

Our approach to RE aims to nurture childrens’ inherent curiosity; refine and encourage their critical thinking skills alongside open minded and respectful discussion to investigate world views and religions, ultimately making their own decisions about what this means to them.

RE Curriculum – Parents Information

Religious Education Curriculum Overview