At Westfield we want to inspire and create young Historians. 

Our History curriculum allows children to gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past. With this knowledge, children are able to gain an understanding of their unique identity, the process of change and the diversity and relationships between different societies. 

Children at Westfield investigate the past by exploring artefacts and a wide range of sources. They are encouraged to ask questions and think critically to help them develop their understanding of different historical concepts. 


At Westfield we use Cornerstones which provides a knowledge – rich History curriculum. The history projects are specially sequenced from EYFS to year 6 to develop children’s understanding of key concepts, subject knowledge and skills. Key aspects and concepts such as chronology, cause and effect, similarity and difference, significance and hierarchy are revisited throughout all projects.

The choice of historical periods covered within the projects follow those set out by the national curriculum. Cornerstones inclusive curriculum teaches children about a range of significant events and individuals who are chosen to represent a rich and diverse account of British and world history.

The projects are designed to make meaningful connections with other subject projects allowing children to gain an all-round understanding of aspects of the world.