Admissions to the Reception Class Sept 2021

Allocation of spaces to start school in the new academic year are handled by the Local Authority. Applications can be made online via East Sussex’s web site.

Guidance in choosing a school and applying for a place is set out in Apply for School Booklet

In Year Admissions to Westfield

Applications for spaces for in year admissions to Westfield School can also be made via East Sussex’s web site.  Once the application has been made the school then has responsibility to allocate the space.  The place will be allocated as soon as possible if there is a space available.  If there are no spaces available in the requested year group your child would be added to the waiting list.  If there is more than one child on the waiting list for the school any place that becomes available would be allocated using the Local Authority in year admission criteria which is set out in the School Admissions Booklet.

For more information, please refer to the school’s Admissions Policy